Tips for a Better Digestive Health

Gastrologists are ones who are concerned with the health of the stomach and the diseases associated to it. When having any problems related to the stomach such as digestion, consulting a Gastrologist in Dubai, would be a smart thing to do. They will suggest tips on getting a better digestive system and thus improving one’s health.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system is very crucial as 70% of the body’s immune cells lie here. So, the health and strength of the immune system depends completely on the condition of the digestive system. Also, lack of a healthy digestion can lead to health issues like constipation, diarrhea or gas. In such cases visiting a Gastrologist in Dubai is always a good option.

However, maintaining and improving the health of one’s digestive system is a far better option. The following tips will help you in getting one.

1. Drink plenty of water: but omit this step during meals. It is very important to keep the digestive system hydrated. But, during meal time, water can impair the job of the enzymes, disrupting digestion.

2. Eating raw fruits and veggies: these are known to contain natural prebiotics, which help maintain the balance of harmful and helpful bacteria. These help by causing growth of helpful bacteria in the gut.

3. Increase fibre intake: Fibre helps in the movement of the bolus, ball of food, through the GI tract. It is present in foods like plants and wheat.

4. Limit on food with a high fat content: Fats tend to slow the process of digestion, leading to a poor digestive system. However, small amounts of fat are required daily, so that can be consumed along with fibre.

5. Boost the amount of HCL: HCL is a stomach acid that aids in digesting the incoming food. To increase the amount of HCL, drink lemon juice or raw, undiluted apple cider vinegar before meals. Also, chewing the food thoroughly will give less work for acid to work on.

These are few tips for ones who are having a poor digestive health. But, if the problem still persists, then the last option is to visit a Gastrologist. In Dubai, Lapsurgery has one of the best doctors in the country.