Types Of Lawyers In Dubai

At some stage of life everyone needs a lawyer and if you are a resident in Dubai then there are large chances you will need for a legal assistance. Dubai has progressed rapidly and due to this, there was a lot of risks, disputes, and crime. Therefore, in Dubai, lawyers got a prominence, be it the Dubai criminal lawyers or be it the civil lawyers in Dubai.

This has lead to a 0% crime rate as Dubai criminal lawyers are intelligent enough to deal the criminal cases. So is with the other types of lawyers, they are experienced and capable of delivering the expert services. Legal cases can at times be serious and need a specialized lawyer to help you immensely in obtaining good results. So, If you get into any trouble there are different categories of lawyers you can approach.law books

Here is a list of some major types of lawyers:

  • Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers help people in defending the crime they committed. They help them keep out of the jail and prove that their clients are not guilty by fighting against the prosecution. The crimes they deal with include drug trafficking, DUI, assault cases, murder cases and corporate law.

  • Family lawyer

Family lawyers deal with emotional issues related to the family like domestic violence, adoption, divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody, child support. They are also specialized in helping the child in proceedings against parents, educational institutions, and guardians.

  • Personal injury lawyer

These are the types of lawyers who deal with accidents, injuries, medical errors and violation of rights. If you get injured by any product that is defective then this also calls for a personal injury lawyer. These can help you get financial compensations and can relieve you from legal complications.

  • Civil lawyer

The work of a civil lawyer is to deal with the non-criminal issues of the individuals and businesses. They can also help you in property disputes, divorce, malpractice etc. Civil lawyers handle specific areas such as real estate, employment, landlord issues as well.

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